Friday, October 1, 2010

A pencil portrait of SAM WORTHINGTON

Hi again! And here are the usual stuffs I used for this drawing.

Maybe I should explore new materials...

At the beginning, a rough sketch to position the figure on paper...

Then I start to get detail on the eyes, nose and mouth...

Lots of adjustment to proportion done here, complete with the facial outline.

The clothes is as important as the face, I find... anyway, to do a good job every single thing just have to be good as you can afford...

It took me about 53 minutes to do the proportion for this drawing.

Then the blending with the tortillion starts.

Here's a step by step show to shading. First, the eyes, nose and top portion of the face.

Then the shading of the lower face and neck. The figure has lots of stubble... had to draw short tiny strokes all over the lower face and use kneadable eraser to draw some white fine lines over some of them, particularly at the darker parts where the face meets the neck.

Time for hair-do... sad to say the picture for reference was a bit dark and the lines of the hair were not very clear...

Hope my guessing works anyway. The hair has to be darken.

Time for the clothes... if it's well done it'll make the face look better. I hope...

Shading the other side of the clothes. I'm right handed so I work from left to right, to avoid fatal smudging.

I want to do a good background... I used tortillions for the shading hoping that it'll look better. I didn't expect that it took me longer than an hour, and getting it to look smooth and even was tougher than doing the face. I think I understand why some pros say that the background is the hardest thing to

Anyway, the picture gets finished. Here's the drawing all in 2B pencil shading.

Time for a 4B and 6B darker pencil make-over...

... and another practice piece done...

It took me about 9 hours to finish this time. I still need to improve on my working pace.

This drawing is a special request from my dear friend afordite
and dedicated to her.

Hope you like it!


  1. God Grace, I think I never can done this lol

  2. Ps. It me Nueng lol

  3. I loved your sketches. can you please elaborate how you get your proportions in the basic outline sketch right.... :)