Friday, October 8, 2010

A pencil portrait of MEGAN FOX

Greetings! This time, besides using the usual stuffs like pencils, kneadable eraser and tortillions, I'm exploring new paper texture...

So I used a smooth surfaced art card for the drawing. But since the card was not designed for pencil drawings, I soon ran into lots of troubles... like the surface would give up after several times of shading and turned out uneven. I had a hard time cleaning up...T__T

But here's the beginning anyway... a rough sketch to position the figure.

After that, a more detail sketch to get the eyes, nose and mouth... it's still not in proportion yet.

Here comes the more careful measurement for proportion according to reference...

Completing with hair and neck proportion, taking around 1 hour 3 minutes in all... kinda glad she's not wearing much clothes and it's below my sketch line ...heheheh... OK...that was crude and not artistic... v___v

Here comes the shading part that I like... blending with the tortillion.

Here's the shading for the upper part of the face in 2B pencil.

,,,and then the shading for the lower part of the face...

Time for the hair-do again...

Nearly done. Here it is in 2B pencil shading.

I used 4B, 6B and 8B for the final touch up this time...

So here's the finished work... somehow it didn't turn out as close to the reference as I hoped... T___T

This one took me about 7 hours and 50 minutes to complete. I'm still not up to speed...

Despite the trauma of using the wrong paper, the smoothness was great for blending, it also looks whiter than the usual paper I used.

I'll go shopping for extra smooth paper designed for pencil portraits as soon as I find time. I want to create some photo realistic drawings for a change.

But of course, I'll bear in mind that no amount of good materials or extra time is going to make up for my lack of skill. To do a good job, I need to be good.

Again, this is for my friend afordite

Hope you like!