Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A pencil portrait of VICTORIA'S SECRET 2

Another look at the ingredients to make a simple pencil portrait...

My usual rough sketch at the beginning...

Adjusting the proportion form this one took forever...I lost track of time. It takes a lot of love, patience and motivation to do this especially with the complicated pattern at the bra. People who hate art can never survive this... I must be nuts, watching the time goes by and still happy...

I didn't think I would live to use the tortillion...

But I did live to finish the skin shading done with 2B pencil.

The hair...the hair...I was so tired I don't think I did a good job for this one...T___T

Another trial for patience and sanity, completing the pattern on the bra... I fear I may not be as accurate as I should...

Here's the picture drawn in 2B pencil.

Time to add on the 4B and 6B magic... it's a rather 'light' picture so not much of 6B was used.

At last, the final work!

This is another one of the 2 Victoria's Secret drawing I did for my brother Ray. He's on the right panel, my follower "Madfluter", the ONE and only.

Happy Birthday RAY!!!

Glad I have a brother, though we love to fight... hey, we should visit China's Hua Shan one day and have a sword duel.. how's the Muay Thai training coming?

Hope you find this chick ridiculously hot too!

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