Saturday, August 7, 2010

A pencil portrait of ANGELINA JOLIE 4

Here are the tools I use again...

My usual start off...a very rough sketch.

Getting the proportion right is something I would really love to improve enormously on. This took me about 35mins.

Love it when the tortillion blending starts...

Face nearly 2B pencil shading.

Time to work on the hair, also in 2B pencil.

This is what it looks like, the whole picture in 2B shading...

Make-up session begins with 4B and 6B pencils.

Here's the finished work!

Another drawing dedicated to my dear friend afordite

Hope you like it!

It's been (as usual) another busy busy 2 weeks for me and my concentration was rather poor. I actually drew this picture 5 times before I get it done, with 4 epic fails behind this final one. When I look back at each of them I get a funny feeling. How can a same person make so many different versions of the same picture? I'm not completely satisfied with this one I post either...

Really...I need a break...I haven't been making any constructive work lately...

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