Sunday, December 26, 2010

A pencil portrait of EMMA WATSON

Hello again!

This posting is late, sorry about that!

SO, without further delay, here we go ...

Starting with my usual tools, 2B to 8B pencils, kneadable eraser and tortillion.

Using 8B this time to do another black background. Hmmm... there are so many pictures with black backgrounds...

... and the A3 size smooth art cards...

(10 more to go!)

...beloved tissues for blending shading...

... mechanical pencils loaded with 2B, 3B and 4B leads...

The usual start with a rough sketch to position the figure on paper. I used 3B because 2B looks very light on smooth art cards...

... working on the proportion of the eyes, nose and mouth.

... get the proportion of the face right!

... then the proportion of the dress. I wasn't very accurate here...

... the tortillions are excellent for blending small spots like the eyes.

... using tissue to blend the other shadings.

... nice smooth tone from tissue blending.

Smooth paper + tissue blending = photographic tone.

... using a mechanical pencil to draw details on the brow...

... darkening the other parts with 4B to 6B pencils.

... one side of the eyes with make up and the other without... hahaha...

... face nearly done, time to do the hair.

... this hair took me more than 10 hours to do. OMG...>__<

... I had to draw the hair strand by strand, using the mechanical pencil because the lead remains sharp for a long time.

Cover the other parts of the drawing with paper to protect it from fatal smudging.

... one side of the hair nearly done...

... time to work on the clothes...

I'm using just pencils to do the background this time, without any help from markers.

An 8B died for the job... T___T

... lots of 8B needed...

you can see how the black washed out the picture immediately when it's on. No matter how dark I tried to shade it before this, the picture still looked like a fading ghost in the dark.

So I had to blend in the shading with 8B, doing the final touch up to make it merge with the background more naturally.

...and here it is, at long last...

hope it looks good enough!

This one took 18 hours and 55 minutes to complete. I was stuck at the hair for eternity. Now why does it always have to be the hair, WHY???

I thought it was going to finish a lot earlier but time just slipped by without warning...

Anyway. Hope you like it!


  1. i think face proportion is not good enough..

  2. Aw...thanks for your comment! I'm still learning to do better. Sorry if it's not up to expectation...

    Do give me some suggestion to improve if you have!...n___n

  3. dude when is your next one..
    waiting or it...

  4. Thanks for asking!
    Coming soon. It's a little hard to finish this time because it involves several drawings, but it'll be done in another few days.
    Please hang on...

  5. OMG!!!you are just simply awesome!! =.='

  6. Thank you very much!
    There is much room for improvement actually but your words will make the journey less difficult. Thanks again!

  7. ur really superb yaar i tried ur emma watson not this one another one but i jus got a little resembles of it anyway i'll again try this....hope i'll get it... comeon get more drawings please...

  8. Just wondering...have you ever tried drawing Katniss from the Hunger Games?

  9. i get lot of it,,,,,,,,, so thank u verry much