Sunday, June 27, 2010

A pencil portrait of KRISTEN STEWART

Here are the stuffs I use to make a pencil portrait...A3 sketch book, Staedtler pencils 2B to 8B, kneadable erasers and tortillions...

I always start with a faint guide line, doing a quick sketch of the picture with a 2B pencil.

I did a quick sketch of the features to prepare for more adjustment...

Getting the proportion right is vital. I spent about 35 minutes adjusting this one. The success of the portrait depends on it.

The rest of the shading comes rather easy after the proportion is done. I started light with the same 2B pencil.

This is my favorite step...using a tortillion to bring the shading to life.

The face is almost done...

Time to shade the hair. Up till now all the shading was done with a 2B pencil. I kind of work from light to dark.

I used a 4B pencil to darken the features, drawing the eye lashes one by one like a make up session. Then I darkened the hair further with a 6B pencil.

The final picture...

This drawing is dedicated to my dear friend afordite

Again, this took me approximately 5 hours to finish, split in to days because I'm always so busy...T___T

Will learn to work faster.

Hope you like it!


  1. hiiiiiiiiiii,,,i'm sawan from india....
    i really want to sketch faces like ur's ...but i'm n't successful .....i don'tknow ur name...plz friend help i tried to make the bella's face..but not become the same...i'm very frustrate..if u have any kind of sugggestion for me ,,plz help....
    my e_mail id is

  2. Wow! good tutorial

    Plz checkout this one

  3. hey,,,,,hiiiii,,,,,
    Aftr seeing dis,,,,m become a gr8 fan of urs,,,,,
    I also like sketching,,,but,,,,,I don't know,,,,wa kind of pencils is being used,,,,,,,
    so,,,,if u u tell me,,,i'll be vry gr8full 2 u,,,,,,,,,,