Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A pencil portrait of KIM HYUN JOONG 4

Greetings again!

I'm trying to catch up with lost time...

So here's another posting to add on to March before it slips away... v__v

Beginning with the same stuffs: pencils 3B to 8B, kneadable eraser and tortillion.

The A3 size smooth cards...

Mechanical pencils with 2B, 3B and 4B leads...

complete with tissue.

The basic sketch to position the figure on paper.

This time, I adjusted the face proportion first. It helps me to measure the distance of the eyes, nose and mouth better.

Sketching in the features roughly...

...then clean up with adjustment. This has to be as accurate as possible or the drawing will DIE.

More adjustment done to the hair and mouth and clothes. At this stage, it didn't look much like the final at all and the teeth proportion made the figure look like a piranha... I used to be scared of drawing teeth but now I understand the necessity of this stage.

Too much fear will not get me anywhere. This took me 45mins.

I still need the tortillion in more ways than I show here. One of these days I shall focus on explaining the many uses of tortillion in another drawing.

Putting in the shading with a 3B pencil.

...then blend it with tissue.

After several shading and blending with different pencils (3B to 5B at this stage) the basic shading is more or less done.

Working on bringing out the features with darker pencils like 4B and 5B.

NOW the mouth and teeth.

It isn't hard to draw photo realistic teeth at all but to capture a smile with teeth naturally is hard work. I'm still working on my skill at this.

Working on the hair next.

The hair usually takes a long time to do. Here's the basic shading and just the beginning of another few hours of slavery...

Adding in the details of the strands is time consuming but satisfying when it begins to look like it's going the right way...

The hair is darkened after hours of toll. Now the clothes.

Shading in a darker background to help make the face look brighter. Starting with 3B and slowly move on to 6B.

I used a piece of paper to protect the rest of the picture from fatal smudging.

After the background is done, the final touch up commence.

A lot of touch ups and re-touching ups are needed in the course of the drawing as I don't know why the details seemed to keep getting lost...?

So here we have it at last. Another job done.


This one took 14 hours and 46 mins to complete. I think I gave up on trying to work faster. I'm always dead beat at night when I get to do my drawings and I just wanted to enjoy it before the Zzzz comes in to destroy all my hard work. And YES I ever killed a picture once because I dozed off.

Lucky this one survived. Hope you like it.

Thanks for looking!

A pencil portrait of NINJA


I made it back again...T___T

This posting is EXTREMELY late, a thousand apology to my dear friend Nueng and her little Ninja. I miss you girls very much....T____T

This was meant to be a birthday present for Ninja, the little girl in the drawing, and my first non celebrity pencil portrait in this blog. But I didn't make it on time...

Here's how it all started:

Beginning with my usual ingredients, pencils 3B to 8B (I left out 2B as it became too light for me...) kneadable eraser and tortillion.

The A3 size smooth art cards...

Mechanical pencils ( I used mainly the one with 4B lead, actually)

Tissue papers <3

Here's the initial sketch to position the figure on paper.

Working on the face proportion.

The proportion of the straw hat...

Proportion of the body....

Proportion completed. Took me about 1 hour 45 mins...

Starting to work on the eye shadings with a tortillion.

Blending the shading of the face with tissue.

Darkening the shading of the facial features with 4B.

Using the other darker pencils like 5B and 6B to improve the shading further.

Working on the shading of the hat now. Interesting to see how blank the body look at this stage...

It took a while to get the texture out as the pattern was rather complicated...

Now the shading for the body...

And the shading for the dress...

Basic shading done...

a lot of time needed for more touch ups...

Here and there...

Next, working on the shading of the background. I started light with a 3B pencil and got darker later.

Touching up one last time after the background is done.

...and here it is, done.

I wish I finished it a lot earlier...

Sorry, Ninja!

(Ninja turned 5 years old in February and her mom Nueng is only 22 years old! I envy her...)

This venture took me 21 hours to finish. Not only it was late, it was ridiculously slow....

As usual my life was too busy to get anything done decently and this time it got worse with endless work and exams to deal with... I had to stop so many times in the middle of the drawing to attend to a thousand disruptions and it was really pissing me off! I thought I might just kill somebody one day...

This drawing may not be as well done as I intended. I hope Ninja and Nueng like it! I'll try to do better next time... T___T

Thanks for looking!